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Today’s weather in major Ukrainian cities.

Seasons in UkraineUkraine’s Clmate is predominantly continental of all if its territory except Southern coast of Crimea where it feels very mediterranean. Winter is always snowy and summer tend to be hot and dry. Western Ukraine usually receives more raifall than its Eastern part.

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Although climate of Ukraine seems to be pretty the same almost on all of its territory the Ukraine weather might be different and can change rapidly throught the region.

Check out weather in main Ukrainian cities below.

Kyiv and Northen Ukraine weather.
Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is situated in North-Central part of the country. See Kyiv location on Ukraine map

Winters are freesing cold and snowy while in spring strrets are full of blooming trees. Summers are pretty hot and dry and autumns are rainy and humid.

Lviv and Western Ukraine weather.
Lviv and Western Ukraine is most humid part of the country. Weather tend to be more mild with warm winters in the lowlands and not very hot but often rainy summer days. In Carpathinan are great for winter sports and are place to escape from summer heat of Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine.

Odessa and Southern Ukraine weather.
Odessa and Southern Ukraine is dry and pretty hot in summer while winters tend to be uncomfortably cold with comparably small annount of snow. Uncofortable coastal wind makes winter not the best place to visit Southern Ukraine.

Weather in Odessa

Eastern Ukraine weather.
Kharkiv and Donetsk are large cities in Eastern Ukraine. Being closely positioned to vast open Asian steppes it is the most extreme part of Ukraine in terms of weather and climate. Classic continental climate predominates here: Summers are very hot and winters are freezing cold.

Weather in Donetsk

Crimean weather.
Crimean climate differs from the rest of the country. Particularly Southern Coast of this peninsula is closer to medittarenian weather of Turkey or Greece although winters are a bit colder. Snowfall is rare on Black Sea coast thank’s to the wall of Crimean mountains procecting it from cold Northern winds. Mountains receive decent ammount of snow enough for light skiing near Ay-Petri and weather in Northern Crimea is similar those in Odessa and Southern Ukraiine.

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