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I’m going to show you two video clips about Ukraine that were released in November 2011.

It was designed by Yulian Ulybin and Yuriy Korol. Both guys and their team travelled throught Ukraine for more than 5,000 km in order to find the best shots to describe the beauty of this country.

New promo campaign is started in cooperation with BBC, CNN, National Geographics and other modern global media players mainly in order to promote Ukraine as host country of worlds third most important sport event – EURO 2012.
As a result these Ukraine videos will be seen by more than two billion people throughout the globe. Why not to be one of the first to see ’em?

Here you’re great Ukraine videos.
Enjoy 🙂

In the first video you could see our capital Kyiv, medieval rock-island city of Kamyanets-Podilskiy, typical Central Ukrainian countryside of vast fields, Tarkhankut cape on Crimean coast, cities of Kharkiv and Lviv as well as Svyatohirsk monastery in Eastern Ukraine.

On the second video guys are cycling in Tarkhankut cape, gutzul man is surrounded by his sheeps in Carpathian mountains, man is jogging in Kyiv while young family also enjoys this cosmopolitan city, while Lviv is represented with it’s strong coffee culture.

Both videos show us the beauty and diversity of the country, however the main accent has been put to Euro-2012 host cities: heart of the country Kyiv, cultural capital Lviv, students city Kharkiv and industrial giant Donetsk. In addition such highlights as Kamyanets-Podislkiy town, Carpathian mountains and Crimean peninsula just could not be missed.

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