Ukrainian train ticket guide How to buy tickets on-line Part – 2

Ukrainian train ticket guide

STEP 6. Payment. Part 1

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

From this time you’ll have 15 minutes for checking your Ukraine train ticket details and making the payment.

1 means number of places;
2 – cost of one ticket;
3 – official commission for transaction 7 UAH. Interesting! In Ukraine you have to pay extra for buying on-line 🙂
4 – Totall sum to be paid;
5 – Click on “Оплатити” (Pay) in order to procede.

STEP 7. Payment. Part 2

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

Enter your card details:

1 – Card Number;

2 – Expiry date;

3 – And click on “Продовжити” (Continue)

!!! Some travelers reported that their credit cards have been rejected. It also happened to my friend form Hong-Kong and a couple from Israel mainly because of their bank concern about payment system.
In absolute majority of cases payment is done just fine.

STEP 8. Save confirmation code or print out confirmation receipt.

You will see the following confirmation of your transaction

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 – Save, note or copy/paste confirmation code.
This is the most important information you require to get you ticket.
2 – Print out the whole receip if you want.
Remember this is NOT a ticket yet.

Get your ticket by simply going to the nearest Raylway ticket office (Каса).
You can even take over the line having already bought ticket in fact.
Present confirmation number or printout and collect your Ticket finally.

Everything written on a ticket is in Ukrainian language, so check Understanding Ukrainian train ticket for further guidelines.



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