Ukrainian train ticket guide How to buy tickets on-line Part – 1

Ukrainian train ticket guide

STEP 1. Registration on

1) Go to change into English and register there.
It’s the only official governmental web-page for booking train tickets. “Kvytok” means “ticket” in Ukrainian 😉
Verify registration.

2) Log-in.
This is a last page you see in English. He-he 🙁

Don’t worry, I’m going to guide you with printscreens and detailed guidelines where to click to buy Ukrainian train ticket.

Now see printsceerns and follow blue coloured numbers for explanations.

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 – Click on “Планування поїздки” (Plan a trip) in the top left corner.


STEP 2. Choose destination

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 – Departure station.

2 – Arrival station.
Only in Ukrainian language is acceptable. Copy and paste main destinations:
Kyiv – Київ; Lviv – Львів; Odessa – Одеса; Simferopol – Сімферополь; Kharkiv – Харків.
For other cities and towns simly find them in Wikipedia and copy/paste Ukrainian version.
E.g.Let’s say we need to get from Kyiv(Київ) to Lviv(Львів).

3 – Find (validate) stations in both fields.

4 – Date of departure.
Note, that you can buy tickets up to 45 day prior to departure.

5 – Time frames of departure.

6 – Click on “Наявність місць” (Places Availability) to proceede.

STEP 3. Choose a train

After you’ve choosen direction (Kyiv-Lviv in our case) the system will show all train connections from Kyiv to Lviv according to the request in such table.

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 is Train number;
2 – Train route (e.g. Kharkiv(Харків)-Uzgorod(Ужгород) but stops in Kyiv and Lviv);
3 – departure time from Kyiv;
4 – arrival time to Lviv; 5 – trip duration;

Ukrainian train ticket availability by class types in:
6 – SW;
7-8 – lower and upper Coupe sleeper;
9-12 – lower, upper, side lower and side upper Platzkart sleeper;
13 – Common train carriage without seat rezervations;
14 – Seater;
If confused which one to take, read Ukraine train class types page (in new page).

15 – let’s say we take train #169 because it goes in the afternoon and takes only 6,5 hours.

16 – if you don’t like any of the options there is always a way to go back

STEP 4. Choose class type

We already’ve chosen our train and it’s time to book a class type.

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 – Class type.
Here we have only Seater (Сидячий) in this train but there also might be Coupe(Купе), Platzkart(Плацкарт) etc. in other trains;
2 – Ticket fare for each of class types;
3 – Choose train car (wagon);
4 – Places availability;
5 – Click on “Оформлення квитків з відкладеним друком” (Ticket booking with later printout)
Yeah, I know, sounds wierd.
Just click in order to proceede.

STEP 5. Chose a place

Buy Ukraine train ticket1

1 – Number of places (tickets);
2 – If there is a child among passengers indicated it in the drop down menu;

Extraordinary luggage:
3 – birds or animals;
4 – some sound system devices and other crap that rerely somebody takes into the train;
5 – extra wieght luggage (more than 50 kg for one passanger) which is unlikely to be checked;
6 – you can choose even your specific seat or sleeper in the menu appearing just right of there
7 – or simply put mark there so all your group members will be placed together.
8 – then click on “Оформлення документів” in order to procede.


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