Dealing with Ukrainian Money

Hryvnia (also pronounced as Grivna) is an official Ukrainian currency since 1996.

Shops normally accept Ukrainian money only. Although US Dollars and Euros are widely used in Ukraine as well. Especially for big transactins like buying a car or an apartment.

The approximate exchange rate is the following: 8 Hryvnias to 1 US Dollar and 11 Hryvnias to 1 Euro. Go to Ukraine currency page to use on-line currency conventer.

Currecncy Exchange Offices

You can easily exchange money in numerous exchange offices in every Ukrainian city.

It’s handy. Exchange offices in Ukraine usually don’t charge any comission, rates are better than in banks and they often work on weekends. Simply give and receive cash back in 5 seconds.

Banks in Ukraine

However, if you prefer to make it in banks, no problem. Money exchage procedure in Ukrainian banks requiers ID and might take a few minutes due to the simple paper work.

Banks in Ukraine are usually opened from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., from Monday through Friday.


Cash machines or ATMs(called “bankomat” in Ukraine) are very widespread around Ukrainian cities but could be difficult to find in smaller towns or villages. As a rule, they dispense only Ukrainian Hryvnias – UAH.

In Privatbank ATMs you can cash out Euros or US Dollars as well.

Travel cheques are not of a great use in Ukraine – only a couple of banks will cash them, and you could be disappointed with the great commission.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are usually accepted in many places: restaurants, shops and hotels, but it is always better to ask about such possibility in advance.


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