Ukraine Visa

Ukraine visa free countries

Nationals of many countries don’t need visa to enter Ukraine.

Amond them are: United States, Canada, European Union, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Hong Kong, Commonwealth of Independent States countries (exept Turkmenistan). And some others. Check in your embassy in advance before visiting Ukraine.

***Note that holders of Australian and New Zealand passports DO NEED prior arranged visa to visit Ukraine.

For visitors mentioned above the 90/180 rules aplies. What does it say? You can stay in Ukraine visa free for up to 180 days a year. But your single visit shouldn’t excede 90 days. It means once you reach 90 days limit you can simply cross the border with one ofneighbour countries and come back the same day with refreshed 90 days period.

In fact many people do such scheme even constantly living in Ukraine for a few years. Looks like authorities still don’t really care about 180 days a year period. But 90 days rule is a much to comply with.

If you intent to stay long interrupted period, you want to study or work in Ukraine, then you’ll have to arrange your visa in advance. Contact Ukrainian embassy in your country or that which is the nearest one.

Obtaining visa for Ukraine

If you country is not mentioned above and you need a visa to visit Ukraine then you’ll have to apply to Ukrainian embassy in advance.

Check whether you need visa or not on Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs page.

Visa requirements are different for every country, so check in the nearest Ukrainian embassy what exhaustive range of document do you need.

However in majory of cases you’ll need an invitation or a tourist voucher from Ukrainian side. Olymp-Travel ltd, travel agency based in Kyiv, provides good service in visa supports issues.

Should you have any further questions about visas or other issues regarding entering Ukraine policy don’t hesitate to ask on Q & A page.

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