More than just transport

If you ask me what is the best way to get around the country, I’ll definitely respond: “Train”.
It’s my favorite public transport in Ukraine.

120x120x039073-green-jelly-icon-transport-travel-transportation-train8-sc43.png,Mce.y3rU6vbMHo.png.pagespeed.ic.SyVbUZ0bjLEven though most train cars are heavily utilised Ukraine train travel is unforgettable experience and efficient way to get around the country in the same time.
Specially fun is Platzkart class 🙂

The whole country is covered with pretty dens railway network which gives access to almost every town. Most large cities are comfortably connected with night trains which results in minimum loses of unvaluable day time and savings on accommodation.

Train vs. Bus

– Train tickets are cheaper and you can buy them on-line;

– In trains you can stretch your legs, walk a bit, use a batthroom and so on;
– You can read a book, have a meal or drink and have a nap on pretty comfortable sleepers in every long distance train. Forget about it in buses going on Ukrainian bumpy roads.

Is it safe to travel by train?

Well, as everywhere, keep your belongings on eye. Pick-pockets are everywhere in the world but I’d say that there is less than average level of them in Ukraine. It’s pretty safe country and probably less likely that someone will borrow your bag.
Remember that you can always ask your neighbour passenger to look after your things for the time of your absence and nothing bad will happen.
Still it’s always better to be cautious than feeling too safe.

Train culture

Yes, Ukraine train travel is an integral part of life in every local family.
Adults always remember them selves being children going with train for 30 hours to the Black Sea summer vacations, young man meets his girlfriend with flowers on a platform, old grandpa kisses the pavement of train station after long time abroad and small children wave their father from the opposite side of a window once he departures to work to other city…

Train is not just a means of transport in Ukraine, it is somehow a piece of life, where you can meet a new friend or love, have a chat with old lady or share a drink with young worker coming home.

Just accept train as it is to see its’ beauty and use it for your needs.

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