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Ukraine stays in Eastern European time zone (EET +2 h). It is situated in the same time belt with Finland, Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, South African Republic etc. Ukraine switches between summer and winter time together with most countries in the world.

If you’re traveling from Western Europe by land don’t forget to change your time set. Add one hour more. And reverse. If you’re crossing into PolandSlovakia or Hungary set time one hour backwards.

Here you’re current time in Ukraine:



Working hours in Ukraine

Ukrainians stick to general global time customs in their tupical daily schedule. Average Ukrainian works 40 hours per week with two weekends off. Normal working week starts on Monday.

Most businesses and banks open at 09:00-10:00 o’clock. Usually there is one hour lunch break between 13:00-15:00 and the working day finishes at 17:00-18:00. Expect that on Fridays most companies will slow down their work cause employees are getting ready for busy night. Weekends are Saturday and Sunday. If on Satuday somebody might still work till lunch then Sunday is completely off throught the whole country in general.

Retail shops in central parts of cities might start earlier and finish later. Every day streets usually get more crowded after 17:00-18:00 cause people get out to hang out. Even though Sunday is a day off it doesn’t mean everybody stays at home or gets out to the country. Most people do their shoping on Sunday after managing their home stuff on Saturday.

Friday night is Friday night everywhere. Pubs and bars get crowded pretty early. Let’s say at around 19:00. Clubs get busy also pretty early comparing to other countries. Come at 23:00 and you won’t be the only person on a dance floor. Afterwards folks hang out till 02:00-03:00 and flow home. It’s unlikely you’ll see many people roaming around till the sun rise.

If you don’t like preparing breakfast on your own eating out before 08:00-09:00 might be a small problem. However in large cities there are more and more eateries competing to get early birds in. In every neighbourhood there are at least a few 24h operating food stores.

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