Ukraine ski resorts

Ukraine ski resorts.
Best places to ski in Ukraine.

пилипець2Ukraine offers some great slopes for ski and snowboard lovers. Most of them are concentrated in the Carpathian mountains not far from Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.

As mentioned in Ukraine culture page most of winter sports infrastructure was developed in Soviet times. Thus many places are pretty old fashioned with utilised equipment and poor service.

However Ukraine’s government is planning to bid for hosting Winter Olympics-2022. Many ares in the Carpathian mountains have seen rapid development in recent years because by 2014 when candidates will apply to the Olympic comittee 40% of necessary infrastructure must be ready.

Let’s see what are main Ukraine ski areas

Main Ukraine ski resorts are BukovelDragobratSlavske and Pylypets.Before choosing which one to try consider two options:

1. Location
Bukovel and Drahobrat are located in Eastern part of Ukrainian Cappathians accessibe from Ivano-Frankivsk.
Slavsko and Pylypets are in the West easy reachible from Lviv and Kyiv-Chop railway line.

2. Service and Costs
Most Ukraine ski resorts offer poor service according to western standarts. Slopes are bumpy and trees or bushes on the way are common. Only Bukovel is high class ski resort although it’s pretty overpriced. Depends what are you looking for? Adventures or comfort.

3. Accommodation
Lodging options in Ukrainian ski resorts vary much as well.
Usually it’s guesthouses run by local families in the villages around the slopes.

You can find those by simply dropping by and asking for available rooms.
Prices start from 150 UAH (15 EUR) per person with breakfast which often turns into daylong feast.

Even though tourist infrastructure around Ukrainian ski resorts is still pretty poor new hotels with all facilities grow like mushrooms after the rain. Most of them don’t have their own page online but you can try this website for search and online bookings.

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