Understanding Ukraine Railway Train Ticket

Train ticket is the ONLY document entitling you to get on the train.
NO e-tickets or web printouts can serve as such.

Ukrainian railway train ticket looks different to those are in most European countries. It can be obtained only in Ukrainian ticket office upon buying it directly or by presenting confirmation number after you bought it on-line.

Moreover, you will see that EVERYTHING is written in Ukrainian language with full of odd numbers and words.

For that reason I’ve created this page, so YOU could understand Ukraine Train Ticket and get everything right 🙂

In my other page about Buying Ukraine Train Ticket on-line together we went through the whole booking process and finally got Kyiv-Lviv ticket.

Let’s see how does Ukraine Railway Train Ticket look like…


Understanding Ukraine Railway Train Ticket


There are a lot of chaotic odd numbers and words but only the following are essential for your train journey:

1) Train number – 219

2) Departure. Date – 30.12; Time – 00:56

3) Wagon (train car) -10; Class type – K (K) Купе (Coupe)

4) Train route – Київ Пас. – Тернопіль (Kyiv Passenger main stn- Ternopil)

5) Place – 11

6) Total price – 90.89 UAH

7) Arrival. Date – 30.12; Time – 08:20

Have a nice trip 😀

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