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money Ukraine

How much does it cost? What money are used in Ukraine. Do you need to bring them here or maybe it’s better to exchange cash upon arrival?

Also check out how to deal with Ukrainian money with ATMs, banks, exchange offices and credit cards.

See money Ukraine page.


Ukraine is situated in Eastern European Time zone (EET +2h) together with Finland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Israel and South Africa. Normal working week contains 40 hours with two weekends. Restaurnts and food stores work much longer.

Read more in Ukraine time page.


Ukraine VISA


Check whether you need visa or not. Find out how long can you stay visa free or if you need one learn how to get it on Ukraine visa page.


Ukraine People

Ukrainians is a nation of survivals. These people suffered much along the way to independence. Find out about their habbits, what do they like and Ukrainian lifestyle in Ukraine people page


Is it possible to use internet in Ukraine? Which internet providers are the best? What is the cheapest and best way to say on-line?

See Internet in Ukraine page


Safety Ukraine


Is it safe in Ukraine? What can happen to me?
Ukraine is generally as safe as most Western European countries like Germany or France. Nothing extraordinary will happen unless you don’t do stupid things or directly violate basic princilpes of good behavior.
Occasionally you might witness act of corrution initiated by road policeman who stopped you for exceeding speed limits or if you drink alcohol outside.


What is the weather in Ukraine? Will it rain once you’re already there or it will be sunny?

See Weather Ukraine page.

When is better to visit Ukraine? When is great time for exploring cities, chilling on a beach or hiking in mountains?

See Best time for Ukraine Vacations page.

Train tickets

Train ticket


Can I buy train tickets on-line?

Yes, simply learn how in Ukraine Train Ticket page

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