Ukraine Flag

Blue-and-Yellow is the official Ukraine’s flag

There were a lot of various flags used on Ukrainian lands in different parts of its’ turbulenthistory. But at the moment there is the only one official flag of Ukraine. According to the Constitution of my country Ukraine flag is a banner of two equally sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow colors. It became an official flag of our country after proclaiming independence in 1991.

See how does it look below.

Ukraine flag

Does it remind you anything?

Yes, it looks like vast never ending fields of serial and beautiful blue sky above it. A lot of fields in Ukraine are covered with various yellow plants, so if you’re travelling in summer you’ll be amazed how beautiful it is and it’s impossible simply to drive by. Just stop and enjoy the great view.

Ukraine flag sunflowers Ukraine flag field

But the flag didn’t always look like that. There were times in the history when it was reversed. After the First World War short lived Ukrainian People’s Republic (1917-1920) declared offcial flag of Ukraine. Yellow color was above blue ad since then most people once saying about our flag use epression of “Zhovto-Blakytnyi”, meaning Yellow-Blue…

Most likely according to later version yellow color was representing golden doms of Ukrainian churches and blue was standing for wide river vistas.

Ukraine flag church Ukraine flag river

Both yellow and blue color were always popular on Ukrainian lands. For example on Lviv coat of arms yellow lion is standing on blue background and free warriors from Central Ukrainian steppes were often using these colors on their flags and symbols.

Even this site is designed on “very Ukrainian” manner 🙂


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