Main Ukraine Facts

Here you’re basic Ukraine facts
to understand the country in general.


Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. Look on the map.
It borders 7 countries. You can get there from PolandSlovakia and Hungary on the West,Romania and Moldova on the South-West, Russia on the North and East and Belarus on the North.


The area of Ukraine is 603,628 sq. km. It is slightly smaller than Texas and almost twice larger as Germany. Among interesting facts about Ukraine is that it is the largers European country entirely positined on this continent.


Kyiv ia the capital of Ukraine. It is also the largest city and main political, economical and cultural center of the country. More about Ukraine capital.

facts Ukraine population


Ukraines population is approx. 46 million people (2011). In 1991 population of Ukraine was approx. 52 million people. Many Ukrainians left since then to other countries such as USA, Canada, Western European sates, Israel and Rusia. Currently Ukrainian population is rapidly decresing. More about Ukraine population.



Ukraine’s history is long and complicated. Direct roots of modern Ukraine can be traced to more than 1000 years ago. More about Ukraine history.

Cities in Ukraine

Other Ukrainian cities are: Kharkiv (1,5 mil), Dnipropetrovsk (1,1 mil), Odessa (1,1 mil), Donetsk (1 mil), Zaporizhia (0,81 mil), Lviv (0,76 mil).


According to the constitution Ukrainian is the only official language although Russian is widely spoken. Ukrainian language dominates in the West while Russian in Eastern and Southern regions of the country. In Kyiv, capital of ukraine, Russian is more often in everyday life although Ukrainian is used in official institutins. More about Ukraine language.

And here are also some handy Ukrainian Phrases.

Check out Ukrainian Alphabet to understand the words and characters.


Yello-and-Blue is official flag of Ukraine. More about Ukraine Flag.

hryvnia ukrainian currencyCurrency

Hryvnia is the only official currency of Ukraine. More about Ukraine Currency.

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