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039112-green-metallic-orb-icon-transport-travel-transportation-airplane3Even though Ukraine is among the largest countries in Europe there are only a few airports operating here. You’ll arrive at some of the following hubs.

Kyiv is served with two major Ukraine airports.

Boryspil International Airport (KBI), also known as Borispol is a main gateway to Ukraine situated 20 km south-east of Kiyv.
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International airport Kyiv (IEV) also known as Zhuliany is situated within the city limits and serves Wizzair low-cost airlines.
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Other major airports in Ukraine are:
Lviv (LWO), also known as Lwow, Snilow airport which is the main in Western Ukraine.
Odessa (ODS) – main hub for southern Ukraine.
Simferopol (SIP) – gateway to Crimea.
Kharkiv (HRK) in the East where budget airline “Pegasus” operate from Istanbul.
Donetsk (DOK) – major airport in eastern Ukraine.

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In 70% of cases when coming to Ukraine you’ll arrive in one of Kyiv airports so check out Kyiv airports guidelines below.

Boryspil International Airport (KBI)
Kyiv Boryspil

Also known as Borispol airport it is the main airport in the country. Most internationalflights to Ukraine arrive here. You’ll probably stopover here on the way to other Ukrainian destinations unless your flight is direct.

Kyiv Boryspil airport is situated 20 km south-east of Kyiv and 30 km away from Ukraine capital’s downtown. See Kyiv map for directions.

It is easy accessible from the city and back with public transport and taxi.

See detailed guidelines on Kyiv Boryspil airport page.

International airport Kyiv 
Kyiv Zhuliany

This is one of the oldest Ukraine airports which used to be the main Kyiv airport until Boryspil was built. Afterwards only local flights used this old Soviet hub.

However recently budget airlines WizzAir transfered there all their flights which actually gave it a breath of fresh air.

Kyiv Zhuliany airport has a superb location. Being within city limits it is only 8 km from Kyiv downtown and a very short drive from central train station which makes it a favorite landing spot for independent travelers.

Look for detailed guidelines on Kyiv Zhuliany airport page.

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