Ukraine Airlines Aerosvit, Ukraine International Airlines and others

Domestic airline market is pretty low developed. It is represented by a few Ukraine Airlines which sometimes offer good deals on tickets to/out of Ukraine.
They can also be used to travel within Ukraine.

Two local giants are Aerosvit and Ukraine International Airlines. Both airline companies provide flights way beyond Ukrainian borders and people use them not only for coming here but also to further destinations. In that case their base Kyiv Borispol International Airport serves as a stopover.

Other Ukrainian Airline companies are: Dniproavia, Donbassaero, Odessa Airlines, Lviv Airlines and others.
However only Dniproava might be considered as your possible company which provides relatively competitive flights within Ukraine.

See more about Ukraine Airlines below.


Aerosvit based in Kyiv Borispol International Airport (KBP) offers a decent connection with United Arab Emirates, Caucasus states (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) and Central Asia. Many people stop over in Ukraine before continuing to the above mentioned destinations.

During summer prices to India can drop to as low as 500 Euro for a return flight, so check it out if you’re going there. My friends for example managed to fly from Prague to Delhi and return with stopping in Kyiv for less than 450 Euro in the summer 2010 B-)

Moreover, Crazy Fridays from Aerosvit results in dropping prices significantly on some destinations, so have a look what you can get.
For example London-Dubai-London for less than 250 Euro. The same from Warsaw. I’m sure you can find the best deal for yourself, so look for it.

See more on Aerosvit web-page.

Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) also based in Kyiv Borispol International Airport (KBP) claim to be the cheapest Ukrainian airline, however Crazy Fridays from Aerosvit beat such statesments.

Anyway UIA also offers a wide range of flights from almost every big city in Ukraine to overseas destinations and back. Ukraine International Airlines flies to most of Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Oman and others for less than 400 Euro for a round trip.
It is also connected with main European hubs and flies to Far East, so don’t hesitate to check their web-page in order to find a good flight for yourself 🙂


Dniproavia based in Dnipropetrovsk also flies overseas but it’s priority is connections within Ukraine.

Domestic flights to Kyiv Boryspil might be lower than 450 UAH which is a good alternative to a train if you’re in a hurry or simply don’t want to spend the whole night on the road.

Look for Dniproavia web-page here.

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Ukraine Airlines Aerosvit, Ukraine International Airlines and others


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