Getting there and away by land


Travel Ukraine is easy and enjoying if you plan your trip in advance.
Considering that most flights are quite expensive travelling by land from neighbour countries with cheap airlines is a great alternative.
Ukraine is well connected with neighbours by public transport through numerous border crossing points.

You can get here by land from the following countries:
Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.


Most travelers going by land come to Ukraine from Poland. It is caused that Poland receives big amount of travelers itself, it stands on main East-West travel route. Also it is much better connected with the rest of the world than Ukraine and can be used as cheap flightplatform within trip to Ukraine.
There are 5 border points between two countries which are possible to cross by train, bus, private car and one very efficient pedestrian border point.

Travelling from Poland?  Then see travel from Poland to Ukraine page.


Way smaller ammount of people come from Slovakia.
Only if you come by car or bus from Eastern Slovakia, for example Kosice, you might use the only border connecting Vysne Nemecke with Transcarpathian capital Uzhgorod.

Also it is possible to go with a direct but expensive train Bratislava-Kosice-Lviv-Kyiv.

To see more how you can get to/from Slovakia see from Slovakia to Ukraine page.


Travelers heading from Southern Europe or Budapest in most cases will cross Zahony-Chop border crossing point which is the main Ukraine gateway on the South-West among 3 border points connecting Hungary with Ukraine.
Chop-Zahony is really easy, convenient and cheap way to enter Ukraine.
Check more about how to get from Hungary to Ukraine in from Budapest to Ukraine page.


Lions share of long Romania-Ukraine border line is absorbed by mountains or Danube delta, so there are only a few border points which you can actually use.
Here you’ll have to consider two factors:
1) Where are you: Transylvania (e.g. Cluj-Napoka), Bucharest or other part
2) Where do you need to go in Ukraine: West, Center or South and reverse.
Otherwise you trip to final destination might take you too long if you go the wrong way.
See how to get from Romania to Ukraine.
Note!!! that you can travel from Romania to Ukraine piercing sandwiched Moldova.


If you happen to arrive in a small state between Romania and Ukraine watch your way here.
Most of you of course will head to sunny beaches of Odessa but some lovers of history and architecture will take westward direction or will go straigt North to Kyiv.
Prepare for Transnistria and other borders after checking travel page from Moldova to Ukraine.
Check more in getting from Moldova to Ukraine page.


In the North Ukraine borders with Belarus. Both countries are well connected being linked by old Soviet train railroad system.
From Minsk, capital of Belarus, you can get almost everywhere in Ukraine with direct train and costs are uncompareble to whose international trains arriving from West.
Don’t forget that travel Ukraine doesn’t require a visa for most nationalities as opposed to Belarus. So check you Belarus visa requirements.
See options of getting from Belarus to Ukraine.


Russia-Ukraine is a busy travel route. Border between these two countries extends for more than 2000 km where you can go in various directions. From taking a ferry through Kerch straight towards Sochi and Caucasus to main Ukrainian Northern gateways on the way from Moscow or St-Petersburg.
Also don’t forget that Russia is not so visa friendly as Ukraine and most travelers need a visa in order to enter this huge Northern state.
See for main Russia-Ukraine connections here.

Very often travel Ukraine experience includes crossing one of the numerous borders about which you’ll be able to find out here this site.

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