Travel to Ukraine Getting There and Away

First question everybody asks before travelling here is:
“How do I travel to Ukraine?”

Don’y worry if you still have no idea of possible routes. Even though if you’ve already chosen your way, don’t hesitate to check out my recommendations on possible ways how to get to Ukraine from any neighboring country or other major states be it an international flight from another continent, a long night train trip, a fast bus hop or an easy and quick pedestrian border crossing.

I like to check the situation on the border, investigate new travel routes by myself and consider/take into account experience of others, so I’ll try to find the best route for you


Here are some options you’ve got when traveling to Ukraine:


1) By Air

Flying is an easy and convenient way oparated by a lot of airline companies number of which grows every year.
Look here for your flight options.
However most fares are pretty high, so consider among various cheap flights to Ukraine in order to reduce your cost.

By countries:

If you want to know where you’ll land, how to get from the airport around the city, what are real taxi prices or which are the most reliable airport transfer companies, check out Ukraine Airports page in Kyiv or in other Ukrainian cities.

Still not sure know how to travel to Ukraine?
Then consider landing in one of nearby countries and continue here by land.

2) By Land

Ukraine borders with 7 countries:green-car-md
PolandSlovakiaHungary in the West;
Belarus and Russia in the Norht and East;
Romania and Moldova in the South-West.

If you’re travelling to Ukraine by land from one of above countries check-out Getting to Ukraine and away by land page.

You can get into Ukraine crossing one of the dozens borders and I’m going to tell you which border point is best to take, what transport to use and when to go in order to make your trip relaxed, hassle-free and comfortable.
By the way, my favorite border crossing point with EU is Medyka – Shegyni near Lviv for it’s easy access, efficiency and cost.

Indeed travelling to Ukraine can be enjoying, fun and very interesting if you prepare properly.

Schedule checker and ticket booking tool

Schedule checker and ticket booking tool


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