Restaurants in Kharkiv

Restaurants in Kharkiv are extremely diverse and numerous. One can find a plethora of options to suit any preferences based on taste, specific cuisine requirements and budget.

No matter how much one frowns at the apparent nutritional inadequacies of fast foods, they continue to enjoy the patronage of many. Fast food restaurants in Kharkiv include Shawarma stalls, mini-pizzerias, khachapuri stalls and hot dog stands. These are found in plenty in all parts of the town. They are an extremely inexpensive food option. They also prove useful when one wants to squeeze a quick meal and doesn’t have much time. Also unique to Kharkiv are the ubiquitous “Kulinichi” establishments. They sell baked goods and pastries. No trip to Kharkiv is complete without a small meal in a Kulinichi.

The traditional Ukrainian food segment is dominated by the chain, “Puzata Hata”. The place offers a wide variety of authentic Ukrainian dishes which are moderately priced (about 60-70 UAH – lunch for two). Moreover, one can find loads of small cafeterias and canteens (including ones in universities) which serve extremely cheap Ukrainian food.

Pizza, as in most of the world, is a favoured dish in Kharkiv. Pizza establishments transcend all social strata/classes as they range from cheap take-away places like the famous “Bufet”, which enjoys popularity among students for it’s cheap and scrumptious pizzas to mid-range chains such as “Mafia” ( all the way through upscale Italian Pizzerias which are frequented by the elite.

“La Strada” located in Prospekt Lenina is a personal favourite when it comes to Italian restaurants. The place boasts of authentic clay-oven pizzas, variety of pastas, lasagnas etc. along with an extensive wine collection. The price is mid-range (130-200 UAH for a meal for two) and the staff is relatively friendly.

Home delivery is done by a few establishments. My personal favourite is Pizza Bella (

Indian cuisine is solely represented by “Deli”, located at about 300 m from Botanichnyi Sad.

“Dali” restaurant located on Karazina street is a favourite of gourmet lovers, oenophiles and connoisseurs alike. The up-scale restaurant serves Spanish cuisine and has extremely versatile wine-choices.

For patrons of East Asian cuisine, Kharkiv offers tonnes of Sushi bars and a few decent restaurants. “Tanuki” located opposite the Shevchenko monument on Sumskaya street is an excellent but fairly expensive option. A wider-known alternative is “Yakitoriya”, which operates multiple restaurants in kharkiv (incidentally belongs to the same chain as Mafia). Yakitoriya offers exemplary bar-facilities and karaoke. The Vietnamese restaurant adjacent to the “Arhikektora Beketova” station also draws healthy numbers.

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