Pylypets ski resort (Пилипець)

Pylypets ski resort

It is one of the newest ski resorts in Ukraine. Although it is still pretty small (there are only two ski lifts, one of which is a chair type lift) Pylypets has a chance to become and attractive and popular place.

It is located in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine on the Northern foothill of Borzhava mountain range. Being positioned on northern slopes of one of Ukraine’s highest mountain ranges, decent snow cover is almost guaranteed withing the whole winter. Big crowds still didn’t manage to get there. This place is very popular among freeriders as there are quite a few options to ride of the beaten track to open vast slopes and wild forest. In addition there is also a small waterfall nearby which adds a bit of natural flavour and curiousity.


There are only a few brand new hotels in Pylypets just next to the ski lift stations. Costs start from 200 UAH per night. However almost every householder invites travellers for a night for only 50 UAH or a bit more. Simply knock the door of every house and you’ll find a great hospitality.

Getting there and away

Pylypets is located 15 km east of Volovets (Воловець) town which stands on Kyiv-Lviv-Chop railway line approx. 30 km south of Slavske. Every transcarpathian train stopping in Slavsko makes a stop in Volovets also. It takes 40-50 minutes to get from one place to another and/or return.

Once you’re in Volovets you can take a taxi which costs 100 UAH and will take you beneath Pylypets lift station in 20-30 min. If you don’t have much gear you can also walk down from the train station, turn right along the main town street and walk for 200 meters to the roundabout. Catch a bus or hitchhike on the opposite side of it. Get out in the first village Podobovets just after 10-15 min drive and walk south towards huge mountain range. This shortcut will take you to Pylypets ski lifts in 30-40 minutes. You’ll see them soon after starting a walk.

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