Places worth to visit

Kiev Ukraine (Kyiv)

Here you are Kiev Ukraine Map with transport directions and some tips for orientation around the city.
Also find here direction on both Kiev airports: Kiev Zhuliany and Kiev Boryspil.



Visiting card of the city are terikony (waste heaps) that are situated all over the city despite the official symbol is Mertsalov Palm. Usually when talking to tourists they are surprised with Donetsk mountains and it takes some time to explain that it is not a natural landscape.


Welcome to Lviv, so called the capital of Western Ukraine, the city of lions.
I want to tell you about the most amazing places to visit in Lviv, our  Old city, which was founded in 1256.



Chernobyl disaster happened 1986 is one of the worst technogene catastrophs in human history.
Since the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is not highly radioactive anymore tons of people are interested to see this scar of thousands people’s lifes.


It’s a historically significant and an aesthetically pleasant city.
It has remained shaded from large-scale public attention until recently when it was announced as a venue for the EURO 2012.


Ski resorts

Ukraine offers some great slopes for ski and snowboard lovers.
Most of them are concentrated in the Carpathian mountains not far from Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.