Places to visit in Lviv

Lviv city center

Rynok Square

One of the best things in this town is that although it’s relatively small, there are many places to visit in Lviv. After visiting major attractions in Lviv there are still many interesting places you may have never heard about.

There are many interesting museums in Lviv, but some of them are just must seen. For  example pharmacy museum on Rynok Square. It’s the oldest pharmacy in Lviv, and the museum is really amusing, excursions in English available. It takes 30-45 minutes. Don’t miss the chance to see the place where the first operation with just the light of oil lamp was made. Besides, the museum has the real atmosphere of the old town. Definitely it’s the best place to forget which century we live in.

 Italian Courtyard (Italiyskyy dvoryk)

Italian Courtyard (Italiyskyy dvoryk)


Ever wondered how rich people used to live in Lviv in the end of 16th century? Yes, there’s a real chance to see it. Also located on Rynok Square, Italian Courtyard (Italiyskyy dvoryk) is easy to find.  As in other places, excursions in English are available and here as well you will spend about 30-45 minutes of your day. This is not only a possibility to see a piece of Lviv history, but also beautiful architecture. You won’t feel like going out of this lovely courtyard and surely will stay there for a coffee 😉


If you are interested in weapon, there is also a place where you can find out smth new about it, or vice versa – very old. Arsenal waits for you on Pidvalna 5, ready to show you different kinds of weapon which was used here. If you come to visit Lviv in summer, this is one more place to hide from the heat and to see something interesting at the same time.

There are also some new attractions in Lviv, like brewing museum on Kleparivska street. This is the first brewing museum in the whole country, and it is located in the place where the first brewery of Ukraine was founded, actually in one of Lviv basements. It attracts people not only because it shows the history and the process of brewing, but also because the degustation available in one of its rooms.

in Shevchenkivskyy gai

Shevchenkivskyy gai

If you are just looking for a quiet place for having a peaceful walk and Kostiushky park seems too small for you, there is one more very nice option – Shevchenkivskyy gai. It’s quite close to Lychakivskyy cemetery, you will see an indication on the tram stop. It’s a big park, where you can find old houses from Ukrainian villages of 17-18th centuries. Unfortunately most of them need more care, but generally Shevchenkivskyy gai is a nice place to forget about the traffic and time. Sometimes there are some interesting ethnic exhibitions, so who knows, maybe you will have some luck to visit one of them.

Frankly speaking, this town is very exciting, has many details, you just need to pay a little attention and you will see lots of amazing things – Liberty statue sitting on one of the roofs in the city centre, Jesus Christ sitting by the cross, you will even find a tiny monument of a smile here. It’s not just about places to visit in Lviv, it’s about places to feel.


Street musician in Lviv

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