Places to visit in Kiev

After arriving to Kiev train station/airport for sure you will ask yourself questions:  Is this the right Kiev? Maybe I was reading about the other one yesterday? But no, this is the only Kiev in the world, so no doubts, you have arrived to the right one – thecapital of Ukraine. And this is the list of the most popular places to visit in Kiev.

First of all, Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square). The main street and the main square of Kiev. You might be impressed by its sizes, but it is this way in the whole city – enormous buildings, big distance between them, wide streets. Here, in the central part of the capital you will find most of the theaters and lots of trendy shops. Quite impressive is the fact that most of the shops are located in underground shopping centre called Globus – right under Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Podil (Podol), the old part of Kiev is also worth seeing. Probably the only place in this city with low buildings and some historical architecture preserved. This is the concentration of small churches, museums and old-Kiev atmosphere. Here you will find one of the oldest and nowadays one of the best universities of the country – Kyiv-Mohyla academy.

Mariinsky park, also situated in the central part of the city, is perhaps the most popular places to visit in Kiev not only by tourists, but by residents of the capital too. It’s located on the hill and has several lookouts, where one can enjoy Dnieper river view and see the left bank of it with thousands blocks of flats on it. On the territory of the park you will find Arka Druzhby Narodiv (the Arch of People’s Friendship), climbing up you will pass Dynamo stadium and see Mariinsky palace.

Keep walking along Dniprovskyy uzviz and slowly you will get to Slava park (park of Glory). Here you will feel that you are approaching the museum of World War II, which is, by the way, one of the most popular places to visit in Kiev. Anyway it will take you some time to get there, first you will pass Kyyevo-Pecherska Lavra, the most important monastery of the country.

About 20 minutes walk, and here you are. This is the woman you saw on most of the pictures about Kiev – 102 meters tall metal warrior waiting for you to tell you the story of the World War II. On the territory of the museum you will find lots of military transport and amazingly big sculptures. Who knows, maybe for a while you will feel the spirit of those hard times. Visiting the museum will take you a lot of time since there are many different expositions. Entry ticket to the general one cotst 10 UAH (a bit less that 1 EUR, a bit more than 1 USD), photo and video permit – 15 and 25 UAH.

Much more than enough for one day, right? Be ready for long distance walking if you really want to see much. Anyway the best advice we can give you is to come to visit the capital for about three days, as there are so many places to visit in Kiev.

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