Places to visit in Kharkiv

Kharkiv is a quaint and beautiful city which offers a multitude of attractions/sights to a prospective travellers. Everybody will find some interesting places to visit in Kharkiv for themselves.

The magnificent “Freedom square” lies in  the centre of the city. Interestingly, this is the 12th largest city-square in the world. Some interesting sights in and around this area include the imposing “Derzhprom building”, the “Shevchenko monument” and the war memorial to Polish martyrs.

The square is straddled by the expansive Shevchenko park, which owing to it’s greenery and numerous restaurants and clubs ,makes for a wonderful recreational/social spot in the summers.

In addition, Gorkhy park and Botanichnyi Sad along with a number of smaller parks/gardens,add to the scenic value of the city. The cable car ride from Botanichnyi Sad to Gorkhy park is enjoyable and fairly inexpensive (2 EUR).

For history lovers, the city offers plenty of treats in the form of the Historical museum,National Art Museum and the Holocaust museum. The historical museum houses a remarkable World War II section which is famous among one and all in Kharkiv for it’s breathtaking war-collection which includes a T-34 tank on permanent display. There are also plenty of International cultural centres. “Nuremberg centre” is dedicated to the purpose of cultural exchange between Kharkiv and her Bavarian sister.



Shopaholics can find their fix among the city’s many high end malls, including “Karavan”, “Dafi”, “Ukraina” (which are replete with ice-skating rinks).

One of the most interesting places to visit in Kharkiv is the inexpensive shopping haven Barabashova market. Named after the famous Soviet astronomer, this huge market complex is a one-stop-shop for those who love a bargain. It is the largest outdoor market in the whole of Europe and pretty much is anything from apparel/accessories to sea-food is sold here. The place holds no promise for lovers of quality. However, the sheer inexpensiveness of the goods sold here could leave one dripping with desire.

Kharkiv is primarily a scientific/cultural city. The Kharkiv State Scientific Library and the Gagarin Planetarium bear delightful testimonies to this along with the city’s numerous institutions of higher learning; The Anatomy museum of the Medical School, situated next to the universitet metro station , stands out as an extremely educative albeit archaic example.



Nightlife in Kharkiv comprises of many establishments ranging from expensive clubs to cozy bars. Some famous nightclubs include “Radmir”, “Bolero”, “Misto” and “Plazzma”.

Nevertheless, foreign tourists must know that clubs in Kharkiv are notorious for their practice of “face-control” which may well lead to many an annoying and bitter experience.

The city boasts of some famous pubs such as “Stargorod” and “Chateau”. Nevertheless, from personal experience, I would like to recommend “La Cucaracha”, a cozy Mexican bar/eatery in Sumskaya street. The place is a hub for foreigners in town and needless to say, English-speakers can be found in plenty. The place bustles with people in the weekends and is a nice spot to unwind.

In addition, youngsters can find a world of things to do. The city has more than its share of karaoke, hookah and pool establishments.

Hope this serves to be an informative guide for prospective visitors to this lovely city.

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