Places to see in Bakhchisaray

Here are top and most interesting places to see in Bakhchisaray

Khan’s Palace

Adress: Rechnaya str. 129,,, daily 9:00 – 17:00). Knan’s palace is the most important and must see landmark of Bakhchisaray, simply must see for any visitor here.

Itis one of the best examples of Muslim palaces found in Europe. Here you will see a mosque, harem, cemetery, gardens and living quarters all combined in a beautiful ansamble which is one of the most visited places in Crimean peninsula.

Come early in the morning to avoid crowds. It is situated in the Old Town (Stary Gorod). Marshutkas numbers 1 and 2 will take you here from the train station and city center.

Assumption rock monastery

Address: Basenko str. 57A. Interesting orthodox monastery in Muslim heartland. The Church of the Assumption was carved into the rock at the edge of a sheer cliff in the 8th century. Cells were carved into the rock on the upper terrace and served as shelters. From there a staircase leads to the plateau above.

Women are supposed to have their knees, shoulders and head covered. Enjoy the view outside as inside the monastery taking photos in forbidden. It’s a short walk along the only road up the hill from the Khans palace.

Chufut Kale cave city-fortess

Magnificent rock fortes atop of great plateau built in 7th century by Byzantines. Even though the city was abandoned in 15th century streets and some structures are still well preserved. Just allow a few hours and explored the place. On the opposite side of the entrance there is a beautify view across canyon type terrain.

At the fortress footstep there is Karaite cemetery, the largest of it’s type in Europe, with some 10 000. You can reach it from the East gate of the Chufut-kale and walk along Josophate valley 0,5 km.

The reach Chufut-Kale just follows the trail behind Assumption Cave Monastery uphill.Pleasant walk to the foot hill is about 10-15 minutes but a short steep climb to the fortes itself can be tough during daily heat so better come early of in the afternoon.

Other interesting places to see in Bakhchisaray

La Richesse Museum of Crimean History

Address:  Basenko str. 57,,  10:00 – 18:00, admission 30 UAH, students 15 UAH.

Unique exhibits of the Crimean culture dating from 12th till 20th centuries that were collected by Guliver Altin from the whole world. Here are ancient books, maps and photos of Crimea and Tatars made in 15th till 20th centuries.


Usta Centre for the Revival of Crimean Tatar Arts and Crafts

Address: Rechnaya  str. 125,, 9 a.m. -6:30 p.m. The intricate ceramics, beautiful flower patterns in gold embroidery and ethereal filigree pieces will definitely give you a shopping rush, so bring cash.  The place is just 5 minutes away from the Palace. The path is marked by tourist signs.

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Places to see in Bakhchisaray

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