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ATMs, exchange, what does it cost?

The currency used in Ukraine is Hryvnia (UAH). Read more in Ukraine currency page.

Ukraine is pretty cheap country to live in and get around. I’d say probably the cheapest state in Europe apart from Moldova. However foreigners tend to spend way more by not following local lifestyle. An average Ukrainian person lives for 2000-3000 UAH (250-370 $, 180-270 €) per month. Of course expect to spend more if you’re visiting for a short term to travel around.

What does it cost to travel around Ukraine?

Transport is very cheap in Ukraine. Typical tram or marshutka ride in the city is only 2 UAH. Long distance trains are much cheaper here than in neighbour countries. Expect to pay 90-150 UAH for night sleeper trains connecting Kyiv with other main cities such as: Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv etc. Check all fares by using mytrain ticket guide. Taxi fares are about 2,5-3 UAH per km if the meter is on.

Food is relatively cheap. Typical street hot-dog or hamburger is 5-10 UAH. A full lunch in self-catering restaurant such as Puzata Khata is around 25-40 UAH. And restaurants vary much. From cosy old fashioned Soviet bars where the waiter doesn’t understand the purpose of your visit to top-end places with superb service and high prices normal for Paris or London. A dinner in middle range restaurant would cost 200-300 UAH for a couple.

Accommodation market offers options for any kind of travelers. Hostels are booming in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa with beds for as low as 60 UAH (7 $, 5 €) and more. Modest middle range hotels might be a bit overpriced until the rest devepoling properties won’t be finished. Some top-end hotels also exist in major cities and resort locations.

ATMs and money exchange

It’s unlikely you’ll find Ukrainian money in your home country. But don’t panick. ATMs and exchange offices are widely spread around every city. In central parts of Kyiv, Lviv or Odessa you’ll find ATM or exchange office every 200 meters. ATMs are also spread in further locations. Foreign cards are usually accepted and you’ll get Hryvnias in cash. If your card is rejected simply try the next one. Privatbank ATMs accept everyting. You can check location of their ATMs here.

Cards are also widely accepted in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels but don’t forget to keep some cash to pay for transport, other small expences or in case you card is rejected.

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