Map of Ukraine

Look at the map of Ukraine at least a few times before coming here. It’s very easy to get one. You can search on-line, go to the nearest shop or ask your friend who visited Ukraine before.

However, if you still didn’t look at Ukraine map. Check out this Google map of Ukraine below.

Simply drag, zoom out and in (with double click), change to satelite, terrain or 3D view in order to explore your destination. It so much fun and useful to study new places where you’ll go in the nearest future.

You can also view the same Larger Map in a separated window.

As you can see from above map Ukraine is situated in Eastern Europe. It is continents’ second largest state after European part of Russia. Just imagine, it is almost two times larger than Germany and slightly smaller than Turkey.

Distances are quite long. From West to East the country stretches for more than 1300 km and from Noth to South for almost 900 km.

It will take you almost the same distance to drive from Venice or Frankfurt to Lviv (largest city in Western Ukraine) as from Lviv to Donetsk in the East of Ukraine.

The whole country is covered with dense railway network making train travel the most efficient way to get around the country.

Most roads are in poor condition and only highlighted in orange (on the above map) are good enough for long driving. The rest are very bumpy and narrow making it not comfortable to drive on them.

For example when I drive from Lviv to Odessa I take a lap using highways on Kyiv direction as opposed to direct road. See example on a map below.

Even though it is 130 km longer finally I’ll win in terms of time, tyres costs and my journey will be more relaxed and easy.

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