Major attractions in Lviv

Probably most of the people who would be asked about their main association with Lviv would say Ploscha Rynok (Rynok square). But this is only one of major attractions in Lviv, and there are much more.

However, starting with Ploscha Rynok – medieval square that always was a centre of the city – geographical, cultural, commercial and political. You will see 44 buildings of different colours and architecture telling you their stories. Most of them have only three floors (here groundfloor is considered to be the first floor) and three windows in width, and if you see wider houses – be sure that very rich people lived there. Many of the buildings can be visited. In the centre of the Rynok square there’s the townhall, and the edges of it are decorated with four fountains – Neptun, Amphitrita, Diana and Adonis.

If you walk from Rynok square in the direction of Pidvalna street or Danylo Halytskyy monument you will find the rests of city wall and the old city gate with Mytna square (Customs square) – named this way because of the taxes merchants paid for entering Lviv.


Prospekt Svobody (Liberty avenue) and Shevchenko avenue are two central streets of Lviv. Prospekt Svobody will take you from Opera house, which is the pride of Western Ukraine, to Adam Mickiewicz monument. It’s a nice place to have a walk and too see old Lviv buildings on both sides filled with modern shops and caffees, to buy some magnets or to play chess with one of the elder Lviv resident 😉

Another place for having a peaceful walk if you stayed in the city centre is Kostiushky park, located in front of Ivan Franko university.

One more must see place in the city centre is Vysokyy Zamok – a hill and a park at the same time. Place where a castle used to be, but it was completely destroyed. It takes about 30 minutes climbing to the top, but once you do, you will see a breathtaking view – the whole town! The domes and spires of churches of Lviv, old buildings, main streets, and a bit further more modern buildings and then new ones, still being built.

It may sound funny, but one of major attractions in Lviv is also a cemetery –Lychakivskyy cemetery.  Don’t be surprised, but the entrance is paid if you are just a visitor and have no relatives buried there.  A special thing about this place is that you don’t really feel like on a usual cemetery – this one is very old and we may even say it has its architecture. Until World War II only rich people and their families were buried there and of course it was architects who worked on their headstones. You will find graves of many famous people of this part of Ukraine. Besides, there is an area with graves of Polish rebels of 1830-1831 which is probably the biggest tourist attraction on Lychakivskyy cemetery.

So as you see, Lviv is full of pleasant surprises and there are many things to see. This was a brief list of major attractions in Lviv, hopefully it will help you to decide which one should be visited first 😉

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