Lviv Restaurants

As Lviv is the most visited city in Ukraine, it takes care of its visitors. Not only will you find big variety of acommodation, but also lots of interesting places to have meal at. Here is a short list of Lviv restaurants.

To eat cheap and fast and avoid McDonald’s at the same time drop in Puzata Khata. It’s quite a big chain of restaurants, in Lviv there are four of them. Tasty Ukrainian cuisine and friendly atmosphere. There’s no better self-service estaurant.

Another popular places are pizzeria De Mandjaro (Doroshenka str and Galytska str) andCelentano. But anyway those are just common places. Lviv has much more to offer.

Very popular tourist reastaurant is called Kryivka. Be ready to see an elder man at the entrance with a rifle greeting you in a western manner — Slava Ukraini. Just to surprise him answer «Heroyam slava», and he will gladly let you in. Sometimes though he gives people some homemade vodka (avaliable to purchase there) to try to check if they are real ukrainian =) Inside the restaurant is decorated in partisan style, it shows a piece of the history of Western Ukraine, middle of the last century. And the menu is written in accordace with it 😉 Anyway many people consider it more like a tourist attraction, not like a serious place to have lunch at – due to many visitors it often takes much time waiting for the order.

A favourite place of many Lviv residents is Kupol restaurant, located on Chaikovskoho str. One more cute restaurant with delicious meals is Kavkaz on Shota Rustaveli str — real caucasian cuisine and proper atmosphere! When talking about genuine Ukrainian meals and decorations, Sim Porosiat must be visited. For Japanese cuisine admirers — Yapi in Svobody avenue or Yapona Khata on Staroyevrejska.

Definately unforgettable place among all the Lviv restaurants, Mazokh-caffee is waiting for you on Serbska str, but be ready for hard sensations 😉

Have you ever bargained about the food you have already eaten? So it’s the high time you dropped in Pid Zolotou Rozou — jewish restaurant where you won’t find prices in the menu.

If you are looking for fancy restaurants, then next thee are for you — Veronika, Amadeus and Black Cat.

Lviv is also full of caffees — small cozy places where you can taste the legend of Ukraine — Lviv coffee and have a delicious desert. These are Zolotyy Dukat on Fedorova str, Pid Syniou Pliashkou on Ruska str, Rudyy Kit, Dzyga on Virmenka str, Kryva Lypa and so on. If you are looking for delicious confectionery — no better place than Tsukernia. For chocolate admirers there is a must seen caffee — Lviv chocolate factory. For sure you will have a lot of sweet memories from there.

This is just the list of the most popular Lviv restaurants. New ones keep appearing and attracting guests by more and more unsual things. So don’t forget to share your experience with us once you discover something new 😉

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