Lviv Railway Station

There are three possible places which can be visited by you first in Lviv – Lviv Danylo Halytskyy airport, Lviv bus station and Lviv railway station. They say that the first impression is often wrong, but this is not the case. Your train took you to the right place – medieval town with many secrets and lots of legends. And the first one is right the place where you are standing – the railway station of Lviv.

This is one of the first railway stations of Ukraine. The first train arrived here in 1861. Seems so long ago, but at the same time seems like nothing has changed since that time. Probably the architecture of the station building and the roof that covers the platforms create this sensation.

As Lviv is not a big town, totally the station has only 5 platfoms and three underground ways leading to them from Dvirtseva square. The main hall of the Station is the cash hall. In some cities there are two kinds of cash desks – where you can purchase a ticket for traveling in a distant time, and where you can only purchase ticket for a train departing in the next 24 hours. Be aware that the first ones don’t work during the night.

Besides the big hall there are six different waiting rooms. Of course the paid ones are much more comfortable, less crowded, have caffees and even wifi zone. The most comfy is the room on the upper floor of the Lviv railway station.

Where to go next. There are tram lines #1, 6, 9 and 9a which surely will take you to the centre. And besides there are minibuses. Here are brief routes of some of them.

#10 – Horodotstka str. – Vygovskgogo str. – Kulparkivska str. – Naukova str. – Stryyska str – King’s Croll Leopolis shopping mall

#16 – Horodotska str. – Liubinska str. – Vygovskogo str. – Stryyska str. – Ugorska str. – Chervonoi Kalyny avenue

#32 – Horodotstka str. – Vygovskgogo str. – Naukova str – Chervonoi Kalyny avenue

Anyway, when looking for a public transport route you can always have a look here. Besides public transport getting to the place of your accommodation is possible by taxi. Don’t be surprised, when leaving the Station you will meet many men on your way offering you a cab. But be aware that calling a taxi service will be definitely cheaper 😉

If you wish to travel to other towns and villages of Lvivska oblast, you don’t even need to go far. Minibuses depart right from Dvirtseva square. Although mostly to western and southern parts of it.

And if you didn’t have too good fortune to visit Lviv for several days, and just waiting for the transport connection, you may have a walk in the nearest shopping mall called Skrynia.

By the amount of people who go through this place every day we can certainly say that Lviv railway station is the most popular trourist place in this town =) Anyway, this railway station welcomes its visitors quite nicely and friendly, be sure you will find everything you need for your comfort here.


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