Lviv map with directions

Take a look at embedded Lviv map powered by Google in a small window below.

Also check out my Lviv Google map and use it for the further directions.

You will find there information on main transport hubs such as: Airport, Train and Bus stations as well as tips on transfering between them. I’ll show you where our Old Town (city center) is and how you can get to Lviv Arena football stadium.

There you will find information on such transport hubs as…

A brand new Lviv International Airport (LWO) terminal is supposed to be opened in December 2011. Being cooveniently located (only 7 km west of the old town) you can reach it by all means of transport.
Read more about Lviv Airport directions in Airports in Ukraine page.

The Main Train Station is located 3 km west of the Old Town. Tram #6 will take you to the northern edge of medieval Lviv. Tram stop is situated just behind the Opera House.
Trams #1 and #9 go directly to Lvivs heart Rynok square and Svobody ave. Both trams use the same route but go in opposite directions. Tram #1 will bring you to the city center 10 minutes faster.
Marshutkas (small buses) to Shegyni (border with Poland) depart from the Main Train station. Chaotic Bus Station #8 is to the right from the entrance.

Suburban trains (elektrychka) that go to Truskavets and the Carpathian mountains depart from the suburban railway station situated just a few hundred meters south of the main train station.

Use centrally located train ticket office (Gnatyuka str. 20) to buy tickets or collect them after you booked on-line. Queues at the station are too long for simply waisting time.

Central Bus Station also known as Stryiskyi avtovokzal is situated 7 km South of the city center. Most long-distance and international buses depart and arrive here. To get here from the city center take bus #11 or marshutka #71 on Svobody ave. Marshutka #18 connects Train station with Central Bus station.

Bus Station #2 is located in the northeast of the city. Services to to Brest in Belarus and other short-distance services going in northeast directions such as Lutsk, Olesko castle and other towns operate from there.
To get there take bus #1a at Galytska square in the Old town. Also a lot of marshutkas go from Svobody ave.

The new Lviv Arena which hosting EURO-2012 matches is just several minutes south of the central bus station. You’ll it from the main road anyway.

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