Living in Kiev

Have you ever thought about living in Kiev ; of coming here and staying longer than a usual tourist does? If so, probably you have questioned yourself many things concering that matter. Here you will find some tips about living in Kiev as well as some warnings.

First of all keep in mind that there’s quite a big percentage of people who may try to cheat you, as «foreigners have a lot of money to share and don’t know the language». Hopefully this article will help you to avoid this. Prices are in Ukrainian hryvnia, but to just to have an idea note that 1 euro is around 12 hryvnias, 1 US dollar around 8 hryvnias.


Accommodation. Usually in hotels the prices are fixed, so the chance to be cheated is low. But hotels are expensive, so for a longer stay in the capital it’s much more convenient to rent a flat in Kiev. It’s easy to find flats in Internet, there’s quite a wide choice of them. A standart one-room (not one-beroom) flat in about 15 minutes walk from the nearest metro station costs around 3000-3500 UAH. For sure it will be in an old communist-like dirty building, where all the neibours know this flat is rented, but for that price it will be clean and have washing machine and microwave. Common place for living and cooking. More comforts and better location cost more.

Often the supply of hot water is stopped for a day or two, but there is nothing your landlords can do. And don’t expect them to give you back you money =) In summer in all the city areas (one by one) hot water is not suplied for two or three weeks. Nobody to blame. Media in old buildings usually don’t cost more than 350 UAH a month, in new buildings can even reach 500 UAH for one room flat.


Food. Here it depends that kind of food you like and wether you cook at home or eat out. Eating lunch out in the cheapiest place may cost 30-60 UAH for one person. But when living in Kiev for a longer period of time you may find it cheaper and more interesting to cook. Average Kiev resident spends around 1500-2000 UAH for products.


Transport. The most popular means of transport fot thoose who are living in Kiev ismetro. Entering the station costs 2 UAH. And this price is fixed, doesn’t matter how far you are going. If you are planning to use metro daily you can buy a monthly card. It costs 95 UAH and doesn’t have limited quantity of usage — during this month it can be used as many times a day as it is needed.

Troleybusses and trams cost 1,5 UAH, but month cards are also avaliable. You can also get one month card for several means of transport.

Public transport that doesn’t have month cards are minibuses – Marshutka. Yes, these small yellow buses, that are always crowded and where the driver collects money while driving and talks on mobile phone at the same time. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t give tickets to the passengers.

Depending on the route, minibuses cost differently. If the route is very short, it can even be 1,5 UAH, but this happens rarely. The most common price is 2 UAH, but there are also minibuses that cross all the Kiev, they cost 2,5 UAH. Getting to outskirts costs 3 UAH and more.

The minimum price you will pay for a taxi is 30-40 UAH, depending on the company. Keep in mind that when you catch a cab on the street the price depends on the driver, but when you order one by telephone, you will be asked about your destination point and you will be told the price at once. Then you will receive an SMS with the car plates and the arrival time of your taxi. As it was said, the lowest price is fixed, so even if you have to go two bus stops, you will pay it. Getting further costs more — 70-80 UAH. A taxi to Boryspil airport from the city centre costs 100-150 UAH.


Clothes in the international chain stores cost a bit more than in Western Countries.


One thing that should never be neglected is having documents all the time. Ukrainian police usually don’t know any foreign language and will speak to you in Russian or Ukrainian.

For the first sight living in Kiev may seem complicated but this impression is caused by the size of the capital and quantity of people living here. In fact many people like the life here and feel absolutely comfortable.


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