Kiev Restaurants

Interesting fact – wherever we go, we look for places to visit, for accommodation, and the last thing we think about are places to eat 😉 Here’s a small list of Kiev restaurants in case you decide to think about this matter right now.

Nice way to start a day, as well as to finish it with something simple and exquisite at the same time, is to visit a bakery called Videnski Bulochky (Viennese buns). Nice athmosphere, smell of fresh baked buns of different flavours and a cup of coffee – what else do you need before a long and interesting day?

The addresses of all their bakeries are here (streets written in cyrylic)

Another breakfast option is Aroma caffee.

One of the cheapiest places to eat is chain of restaurants called Puzata Khata. It’s easy to find, interior is decorated in traditional Ukrainian style, and all the dishes are cooked according to national recipes. Self–service makes the mealtime quite short, in 30 minutes you’ll be ready for new adventures =) Depending on the amount and kind of food average lunch may cost from 30 to 60 UAH (30 UAH is 2,5 EUR and almost 4 USD)

Find out more about Puzata Khata here.

Analogous place is called Zdorovenki Buly, although the chain is not so wide.

The other way to have lunch is to visit one of the pizzerias, there are several chains of them in Kiev. Quite popular ones are Celentano, Il Molino, highly recommended one is Mamma Mia. Unfortunately the menu and addresses are available only in Ukrainian, but maybe one can get some useful information here.

Lately Japanese cuisine is getting more and more popular, so their quantity is rapidly increasing among Kiev restaurants. Probably this is not genuine Japanese food, but the athmosphere created inside such places pretends to make you feel so =) Dinner for two people may cost 300-500 UAH (25-42 EUR, 38-63 USD). The most popular chains are MurakamiSushiyaEurasia.

Yes, it’s true what they told you – you can order Japanese and Italian dishes in the same restaurant! It’s called Mafia. Good location, fancy design and even the combination of the menus make this place interesting.

There is one more place I do recommend, especially for those who like home-like athmosphere and really good Italian food – Oliva. But don’t forget to book a table before leaving home!

For those who look for exquisite food and very good service we recommend thiswebsite – here you can choose a place to eat depending on location, cuisine, popularity or other criteria. The prices are usually higher than average, but they’re worth visiting.

Interesting train-like design is here. Perhaps the biggest mixture of styles and cultures also. Have a nice trip 😉

To finish the list – Monaco, one of quite expensive Kiev restaurants. It has vine room, library, launge bar and terrace.

Well, I hope you will enjoy your time here not only because of interesting places to visit in Kiev but also because of good food and hospitality of people.

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