Kiev Nightlife

Kiev’s nightlife is rich and diverse. There are plenty of places to visit during the night in Ukrainian capital, and your choice will depends on the amount of money you are ready to spend, style of music you are fan of, kind of people you are interested in to meet, clothes you are wearing and many other factors. In any case, there is always something to satisfy your taste.

To start with the most fancy clubs of Kiev worth visiting at night. Arena City Entertainmentis situated in the city center close to the Bessarabska Square. Besides large dance floor, there are sport bar, restaurants, casino situated on the various floors. Arena’s premium status (and high prices respectively) is supported by the frequent appearance of various Ukrainian celebrities, who use to hang out there. Crystal Hall is interesting due to its intensive concerts’ schedule. Similarly, Freedom is a concert hall, however, less prestigious then it used to be a couple of year ago.

D*lux is one of the most luxurious places for rich Ukrainians, who call themselves Ukrainian elite. If you are planning to go to Arena, D*lux, Faberge and some other similar clubs make sure you are dressed up like you are ready to spend lot of money – dress code is particularly strict there.

If you are a fan of the dynamic Latin American music and hot dances a good choice is to visit Caribbean Club (there is also a possibility to take dance classes there).

Shooters is a nightclub which is above all associated with foreigners in Kiev. Sometimes there are even more foreigners than local citizens. However, because of this strong connection Shooters is loosing its good name: Ukrainian girls of doubtful reputation are willing to make an acquaintance of someone rich there. It should be also mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between prostitutes and normal girls in Ukraine as they like to dress similarly.

Such places as Dockers pubArt Club 44Sullivan Room Kiev offers nice live concerts of the Ukrainian and foreign bands playing rock, jazz, ethno, hip-hop and other styles. The atmosphere in these clubs is very friendly and enjoyable.

Gay clubs are not particularly among Kiev nightlife scene. This is probably due to the generally unfavorable attitude towards sexual minorities in Ukraine. Nevertheless, there are still some gay-friendly places to visit in Kiev, for instance:  AndroginPomada,AndyBarPresident.

Local inhabitants of Kiev, especially women in their thirties and more, like to attend karaoke bars, and disco of 80th and 90th (perhaps, it reminds them of some brighter days). Majority of night clubs in Kiev organize such parties at least once a week.

As a rule, Kiev nightlife starts not earlier then 10 p.m. The entrance fee varies from 50 UAH (approx. 5 Euros) to 200 UAH in case you are heading to a luxurious place where some famous DJ is playing  that day. Different agencies in Kiev have a special offers for foreigners – a guiding tour to Kiev’s nightclubs, so if you are deprived of the sense of adventure you can take this opportunity.

Have fun!


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