Kiev Metro

Kiev Metro is the most popular mode of transportation in the Ukrainian capital. It is cheaper and relatively faster than the land transport. Its main advantage is that you can predict your arrival time, which is close to impossible if you take taxi or bus due to Kiev’s busy traffic. Approximately 1,4 million people use Kiev metro every day.

Kiev underground system started to operate in 1960 when the first five stations of the Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska line were opened. Today there are 50 metro stations in Kiev with a total length of 65 kilometers.

Interesting stations

Some of the stations, however, deserve your particular attention.

For instance, Arsenal’na (named after Kiev arsenal Factory) station is 105,5 meters deep, and it is one of the deepest in the world. Surprisingly enough the next after Arsenal’na is the Dnipro station which is already situated on the surface of Dnipro river bank.

Kiev metro stations are also very interesting due to their design.

For example, Zoloti Vorota station is included into the various top 15 or top 20 lists of the world’s most beautiful metro stops. The name ‘Zoloti Vorota’ refers to the Golden Gates, an entrance to the ancient Kiev fortress. Respectively, the internal design of the metro station includes elements of the ancient Kievan Rus’ architecture, namely of the orthodox cathedrals, and very beautiful mosaics.

Universytet (University) metro station which is situated close to the main building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is the most prominent example of the Soviet style decoration of the Stalinist period. It contains the red marbled pylons, the white marble friezes and it is enchased with the marble busts of various Ukrainian poets and scientist.

Teatral’na station (previously known as Lenins’ka) contained Lenin’s bronze bas-relief, sculptures with information about his main life stages, famous quotations, and references to the important historical events. After 1990 many such elements were removed, however, the Lenin’s monument remained untouched. One can indeed study Ukrainian history in Kiev metro.

Metro network

As it was said, there are 50 metro stations. They form three lines, best of all associated with their colors on the scheme: red, blue and green. Two more lines are currently under the construction in order to provide fast connection with some remote but highly populated districts, such as Troyeshchyna in the north-east of Kiev, for example.

The red line cross 18 stations, blue and green – 16 stations. It takes around 35-40 minutes to get from the first to the last station of one line.

See Kiev map page to see metro scheme.

Kiev metro is opened between 6 am, and midnight. But during important holidays or sport events it operates longer. A single ride regardless of destination costs 2 hryvnias. The plastic token is dropped into the turnstile at the entrance to the metro station.

You can also buy a plastic card and load it with specific number of rides. The price for one ride, however, will be the same – 2 UAH. There are also mionthly cards and cards for unlimited amount of rides valid for 2 or even 4 types of public transport (metro, tram, trolleybus and bus).

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