Getting to Kharkiv and away

Getting to Kharkiv isn’t veritably the easiest thing to accomplish. Especially for those outside of Europe. The city is served by a railway station and an International airport. One can also drive to Kharkiv from other parts of Europe and Ukraine.

One of the preferred methods to get to Kharkiv is to fly to Kiev and then take a train or travel by road. Kiev is served by two international airports, namely, Boryspil and Zhuliany. Connections exist to all the major airports of Europe, the middle East and a few parts of Asia.

Trains in Ukraine are exponentially inexpensive in comparison to all other European countries (One can buy a ticket from Kiev to Kharkiv for anything from 70 UAH to 300 UAH). They do not fail miserably on the count of efficiency/cleanliness either. They are decent and definitely value for money. Kiev is connected to Kharkiv by 2-3 trains a day (based on whether it’s a weekend/weekday).

One can also take trains from Simferopol, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk which also have International airports and are preferred points of entry into Ukraine. Ukraine is also connected by train to Moscow, Berlin and Warsaw. However people from nearby countries prefer the railways as a viable means of transport.

Bus connections also exist from Boryspil airport and Kiev city to Kharkiv. There are a number of stalls in Kiev Boryspil airport from which tickets can be purchased. AUTOLUX is a comfortable and rather affordable choice. AUTOLUX, like most other services, also connects Kharkiv to the other major cities and towns of of Eastern Ukraine and Kharkiv oblast.

Like I mentioned before, Kharkiv has an international airport which is conveniently placed at about 15 km from the city centre. Kharkiv is connected by air domestically to Kyiv, Donetsk, Simferopol and Donetsk. It also has daily flights to Moscow and has regular flights to Vienna and Istanbul.

One can also drive to Kharkiv from other parts of Europe. Nonetheless, driving is the least preferred method of getting to KharkivYou can read more about driving in ukraine here.

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