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Belgian group, Joker ltd. –


Barry McDonald, Canada


Dikstein family, Brazil-Israel


Natalya Bazyuk, Canada


Trachtenberg family, Israel


Renne Bainvoll

This summer my family and I went on a roots trip to see the countries where my parents and in-laws were from.  We met Orest through my cousin, and we have nothing but praise for him.

He goes beyond the call of duty of just a guide.  For example, he got the hone number and set up a meeting for us with the people currently living in my mother’s home.  He also helped us attempt to get copies of my mother in laws birth certificate.

We found him to be a nice a funny guy.  He was also very knowledgeable about all the countries we visited, and if there was things he didn’t know he researched it before we got there.

We had the pleasure of his accompanying us to Ukraine, Czech Republic, Warsaw, Lublin, Auchwitz, and Krakow.  With his help we experienced the history, culture, people, food, and drinks of the various countries.

While we had a more or less set itinerary, Orest was very flexible about any changes we needed or wanted to make. All and all I can without reservation highly recommend to anyone using Orest as your guide it will definitely be worth it!

The Bainvoll Family


Harry Glasswick
Port Hardy, B.C., Canada

In May of 2012, my wife and I travelled to the Ukraine for a three day visit to Lviv on a trip arranged by a relative who was working there for a German consulting firm.

My father had immigrated to Canada from Chortkiv (about 120 km. from Lviv) at the age of 17 in 1913, and had never returned. Although some people had cautioned us about going to the Ukraine, we found it to be a positive and enlightening experience.

A relative had arranged for Orest Zub to take us on a one day excursion to Chortkiv and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. But… what a delightful experience!

We found Orest to be friendly and personable. He spoke English well and was able to explain complicated subjects eloquently and enthusiastically. He is an excellent driver with a good knowledge of the country and its history. We found him to be attentive to our desires and he was very cooperative in helping us, based on my limited knowledge of what we were looking for.

We would certainly recommend Orest to other travelers. It was a pleasure to have him as a travelling companion and guide.


Roger Kay
Director, Just Lets, Hove U.K.M

We had planned to visit Ukraine but shortly before our trip had a major inhibitor to easy travelling and considered abandoning our visit altogether.

However, we stumbled across Orest’s website by chance and contacted him.

He arranged a convenient, flexible travel solution, which was very reasonably priced. He also described other packages he had constructed for other clients, which sounded impressive.

What we did not foresee was the wealth of knowledge he brought with him and this significantly enhanced our enjoyment of our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed his company.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Orest to anybody thinking of travelling to Ukraine.


John Kybaluk from the UK

I discovered Orest in Lviv in 2011 when i needed a guide to take me to see my relative in Ukraine.

I had some expierience travelling in Ukraine but with having limited time to look around for my relative it was great having someone who knows the area and who spoke excellent English and who would be able to take me to where i needed to travel to in comfort and safety.

Orest is an excellent driver and i felt totally safe during our journey.

He is like a real life guide book with his knowledge of travel and interesting conversation.

I will certainly use him again.


William M. Cheney from CA, US.
Earl Carter & Associates
Supervising Attorney, Victorville Office
Owner of Luxury Lad Music Productions
Writer and Producer for Taxi music
Performer and arranger for The Has Bins

I wish to highly commend Mr. Orest Zub for the excellent job he did while working for me on a recent trip to the Ukraine. I am a musician and criminal defense attorney. I was accompanied by my private investigator for a brief stay in Lviv, Ukraine. Mr. Zub was hired to translate, arrange transportation, arrange professional guides, help with transfer/exchange of money, as well as give recommendations how to best utilize free time while in Lviv, Ukraine.

Mr. Zub surpassed our expectations in his knowledge and professional handling of virtually every aspect of his job. At such a young age (21 years old during our visit) Mr. Zub has developed a professional and responsible attitude that shows in many way:

Mr. Zub was on time for every appointment we had with him. Mr. Zub arranged for a specialized guides to accompany us when needed. Mr. Zub called those guides (more than once) to make sure that the guide was with us and that all was going well. Mr. Zub gave us a cell phone number where we had access to him virtually 24 hours a day.

Mr. Zub arranged a special meeting with a high ranking police official, at our request. I had previously been told, by other “guides” that this could not be accomplished. Mr. Zub gave me the opportunity to witness a criminal court proceeding in a Lviv courtroom. Others told me this could not be done…I would note that even the judge asked what we were doing there. Mr. Zub had a few words with the judge (I do not speak the language) and we were allowed to stay for the entire proceeding.

Mr. Zub had a unique knowledge of the city of Lviv. He knew of every place I asked to see and made several recommendations of his own. Mr. Zub created an itinerary that utilized our time in a very efficient manner. It was a very good balance of allowing us to just have fun while making sure we saw important and unique sites of Lviv.

Mr. Zub spoke fluent English (I presume his native language is Ukrainian) and even understood most “slang” phrases I would use. Mr. Zub’s personality was very gracious, polite and responsible. He appeared to be well known and respected in the community. Mr. Zub is obviously a well educated young man that can talk on a variety of issues and subjects….from music to law to politics.

I do not usually have the time to write letters of recommendation. I work for a very large law firm and my time is limited. But in Mr. Zub’s case taking time to write this recommendation is warranted. I would imagine Mr. Zub would do an outstanding job in almost any field. Both my associate (Mr. Richard Barnes) and myself found Orest to be a “rare find.” I am hoping to do more business with Mr. Zub in the future. Feel free to contact me, at my office phone, office address, or email with any questions.


George and Krystyna Keryk from Brisbane, Australia

We wanted to visit Ukraine, the east and the west, to see first hand the land of our parents. Orest Zub and West Show Travel were very flexible in organising a travel itinerary that met our own needs and researching options for where to visit and stay.

We opted to be escorted for some of the journey. At all times, we felt safe with our driver and the relationship formed was supportive, friendly and helpful.

I and my wife Krystyna would recommend Orest Zub to others wishing to visit and experience first hand this land of many contrasts.

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