Donetsk, Ukraine

DonetskDonetsk was founded in nineteenth century by Welshman John Hughes and firstly was named Yuzovka after him. The main interest of the founder was the coal which Donetsk region has in endless amount.

The next city name was Stalino but not after the famous soviet leader Stalin but after another endless regional resource – steel that in Russian will sound like “stul”.

As for now name Donetsk was gained by the city after the name of river “Severskiy Donets”. During the last ten years Donetsk changed a lot in better way due to a huge amount of investments made into it by local billionaire, the richest man of Ukraine Rynat Ahmetov.

Visiting card of the city are terikony (waste heaps) that are situated all over the city despite the official symbol is Mertsalov Palm. Usually when talking to tourists they are surprised with Donetsk mountains and it takes some time to explain that it is not a natural landscape.

Here are some places to visit or the places you can’t avoid 😉

Artema Street
Lenin Square
Donetsk Opera $ Ballet Theatre
Pushkin Boulevard
Mertsalov Palm
State Art Museun
Donbass Arena Park
Transfiguration Cathedral
Forged Figures Park
Sheffield Park and Kalmius reverside (Naberezhnaya)
Botanical Gardens
Train Museum
Liverpool live Music bar
Philarmonic Concert Hall


Travel Support in Donetsk

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