Traveller Friendly Cheap flights to Ukraine

You’ll find that getting to Ukraine by air is pretty overpriced comparing to nearby countries with warm budget flights environment.

However there are a few companies offering really cheap flights to Ukraine.

cheap flights UkraineWizzAir
from Europe to Ukraine

My favorite and biggest low-cost airline that operates cheap flights to Ukraine is WizzAir. I personally use it several times a year. Fares can be as low as 20 EUR in one direction. It operates in Kyiv, Lviv and Simferopol, although the latter is only connected to Kyiv.

In Kyiv WizzAir uses Kyiv Zhuliany airport (IEV) which is situated withing the city limits which makes it perfect landing point for independent travelers. !!!(Not to be confused with Kyiv Boryspil airport situated 20 km east of the city).

WizzAir connects Kyiv Zhuliany airport with a vast number of European cities.
You can get cheap ticket to Ukraine from London-Luton, Cologne, Dortmund, Munich-Memmingem, Katowice, Oslo-Torp, Antaliya, Stockholm-Skavst, Hamburg-Lubeck, Venice, Barcelona-Girona and Valencia.

WizzAir also connects Lviv (LWO) with Dortmund and Venice-Treviso. It is expected that also new budget airlines will start flying to this beautiful city in the nearest time.

Three flights a week connect Simferopol with Kyiv (Zhuliany) making it an alternative for overnight train and a great option for travelers heading to Crimea.

My personal WizzAir tip

Being a frequent traveller myself and tracking fare changes I’ve noticed that you can get the best deal on most WizzAir destinations about 20-15 days prior to the flight 😉

Good luck!

Pegasus Airlines

Another airline offering cheap flights to Ukraine is Pegasus which connects eastern Ukrainian city Kharkiv with Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen airport) from where you basically can get anywhere in the world.
Fares start from around 50 EUR one direction.

Important! Daily flights to/from Kharkiv arrive at 01:45 and depart at 03:15.
wait till the morning in Kharkiv airport read airport section about Kharkiv.

from UAE to Ukraine

Excellent cheap connection between Ukraine and Middle East is provided by AirArabia headquartered in Sharjah, suburb of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. It can also be used as a stopover to/from Asia or Ausralia.
It flies to 3 Ukrainian cities: Kyiv (Boryspil), Kharkiv and Donetsk.
Moreover, as I see, they usually don’t raise prices till 3-4 days prior to the flight which makes it my favorite Eastern direction and a perfect choice for spontaneous travelers.
Tickets to/from Sharjah are around 100 EUR one way which is quite impressive cost for a transcontinental flights.

Cheap flights to Neighbouring Countries

If you didn’t find where to catch cheap flights to Ukraine simply get one to nearby country.
In Poland look for flights to Rzeszow, Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw.
In Hungary Budapest is a pleasant stopover
while in Romania you can change to land transport in Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest.

Then simply continue with train or bus to Western Ukraine by land.

I hope you’ll find one of your Ukraine cheap flights 🙂

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