Bukovel ski resort (Буковель)

Bukovel ski resort is Ukraine’s prime winter spot.

It is the largest and most developed Ukraine’s ski resort. According to “The New York Times” Bukovel is one of a top-20 fastest developing ski resorts in the world. Only in 5 years ago the unknown area near Polyanycya village transformed into massive winter resort town with its own entire infrastucture. There are 16 chair lifts operating on more than 50 km of slopes with instant snow cover from late November till early April.

Check out this great video from Bukovel taken by my friend Taras, who owns desing studioTriceOne.

Season 11/12 Opening SaveFrom.net from Trice One on Vimeo.

Accommodation and Prices

Accommodation is available in numerous hotels in Bukovel itself as well as in private lodges in Polyanycya village nearby. Actually the whole are of Carpathian National park 30 km around Bukovel ski resort is full small hotels, guesthouses and other type of lodges. Consider staying also in villages of Yablunytsya, Tatariv, Mykulychyn and Yaremcha town. From all of these palaces you can get to Bukovel within 15-30 minutes.

Prices tend to decrease as you move further from the resort. For example, in hotels next to the lifts average price for double is 700 UAH (64 EUR, 88 USD) while the same class room in Tatariv (10 km away) will cost 250 UAH (23 EUR, 32 USD). Taxis are available all around and it’s not a problem to get around at all. Even in hight season (January-February) It’s not neccessary to book in advance unless you want to stay in Bukovel itself. There is always something available in every village. Simply watch for guesthouses aside the road and step in.

Ski pass prices in Bukovel are at a level higher than in other Ukrainian winter resorts. Costs differs much depending on regular day or weekend, night or day skiing, high or low season etc. Expect to pay from 250 UAH (23 EUR, 32 USD) up to 400 UAH (36 EUR, 50 USD) per day for ski pass only. You’ll get 20-30% discount if buying ski pass before 09:00.

Skiing conditions

Slopes are smooth. Every night they are prepared with retrack machines, so that there are no hills or bushes on the way. All ski tracks are marked and it is possible to travel all around by 16 chair lifts exloring new routes every time you’re sligin down. If you are a fan of high class service and skiing on smooth slopes this is the place for you to go.

Getting there and away

Bukovel ski resort is situated 110 km south of Ivano-Frankivsk and 245 km south-east of Lviv. Numerous daily buses and marshutkas go from Ivano-Frankivsk and back every hour.

From Lviv.
Comfortable shuttle bus from Lviv is operated by Kalyna Tour company. Bus departs every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 03:00 from Lviv arriving in Bukovel at 08:00. From Bukovel ski resort the same bus departs at 17:00 arriving to Lviv at 22:00. One way ticket is 100 UAH (9 EUR, 12 USD). Contact Kalyna-Tour to get your seat at least a few days in advance.
Also you can take direct train Lviv-Rakhiv and get out in Tatariv (10 km from Bukovel). Train #606 departs from Lviv daily at 15:20 arriving to Tatariv at 21:43. On the way back it departs from Tatariv at 02:57 arriving to Lviv at 09:13. Lviv-Tatariv train ticket costs are 58 UAH – cupe, 41 UAH – platskart, 16 UAH – seater. To buy tickets and check availability seeUkraine train travel page

From Kyiv and othe places of Ukraine.
Simply take one of numerous direct night trains to Ivano-Frankivsk and change to bus. Bus station is situated 200 meter to the left once you get out the train station.
Read more about Bukovel ski resort, exact costs in hotels, explore ski routes and get other useful information in its very comprehensive English language web-site.

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