Bakhchisaray and the region

Bakhchisaray (or Bakhchysaray) – center of Tatar culture in Crimea and Ukraine, ancient cradle of the medieval state that led into thrill Europe – Crimean Khanate. It is difficult to find the same region with so diversified historical and cultural inheritance.

Famous for Khan’s Palace, Crimea in miniature, museum “La Riches”, The Zinjirli madrassa,cave cities: Chufut KaleTaurus Menhir, Mangup-Kale, Crimean tatar ethnographic village etc.


Bakhchisaray region is popular among visitors because of its’ medieval time architecture and ricj history. From 6th till 15th centuries there existed several city-fortresses that united in prosperous Theodoro principality in 12th century.

Soon in the 15th century on the intersection of trade routes from south Genovian colonies and northern steppes Krimean Khan Sahib-Giray founded new residence of the state – Bakhchysaray to assert the independence from the Golden Horde.

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view on Tepe-Kermen south of Chufut-Kale cave city


Modern Bakhchisaray consists of three parts: Old Town, New Town, and new districts.

City center is mainly located in the New town. It is predominantly industrial area. Central marlet is also located here.

Main area of interest is Stariy Gorod (Old town) with it is narrow streets and traditional Crimean houses that are located in the valley of Churuk-Su River. Most landmarkshotelsand restaurants are here also.

Here is the comprehensive map that include main places of interest in Bakhchysaray town and surrounding area.


Bakhchysaray is situated on the midway between Simferopol and Sevastopol on the main hightway. Every trainbus or car between two largest cities of Crimean peninsula passes by here. It also serves as the main hub to get around the region.

There are numerous restaurantshotels and some other activities besides sightseeing.


Getting around Bakhchisaray

Buses (marshutkas) 1 and 2 will get you to the city centre, Old Town and Khan’s palacefrom the train station.

Train station is located in the centre of Bakhchisaray. Thus, you can walk to any destination around central part of the city. There are 7 regional trains throughout the day betweenSimferopol and Sevastopol starting from 5:15.a.m.

Taxi to any destination around Bakhchysaray will cost you about 20-25 UAH.

Bicycle rental point (Privokzalna square , pavilion 74, +38-050-5033033,


Getting to Bakhchysaray and away

You can get there from Zapadnaya station in Simferopol. From Sevastopol you can reach Bakhchysaray from both Severnaya and Centralnaya  bus stations.

To reach nearby villages use local buses departing from bus station. For Balaklava change in Sevastopol and to reach other destination in Crimea you’ll have to transfer in Simferopol.

For longer trips to other destination in Ukraine go to Simferopol. Nearest airport is also located there.

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Bakhchisray and the region

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