Bakhchisaray hotels

You can find a decent place to stay among Bakhchisaray hotels, guesthouses or other type of accommodation or places to stay in the city itself or around.


Bahitgul (Krasnoflotskaya str. 20, You‘re not a customer here, you‘re a guest: come stay, and you‘ll be a friend of the family. The terrace has a mesmerizing view of town. Overall this might be the most gracious stay in town. No wonder westerners and artists love the place.


Merhaba (Rechnaya Street 125). Another nice places in town situated in historical part of Bakhchisaray not for from the Khan’s palace.

Cheap hotel

Prival (Shmidta str, 43, tel +38 (06554) 472-35, , skype – prival_tok. Pretty cozy place that located in relict juniper grove. The outdoor pool with artesian water available in the summer as well.

Midrange hotel

Aliye (Lesi Ukrainki str. 1,, tel.(06554) 4-71-72, mob.+38 (050) 178-96-38; (050) 562-15-23). 200-300 UAH, close to Khan’s palace. The first thing you see coming out of your room is the stunning panorama of the plateau on the opposite side of the town.


Isabella (Promishlennaya Street 3) located on the northern outskirt of town near the mainSimferopol – Sevastopol road. It’s a good option for travellers with car and for those who is just passig by.

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