Around Kharkiv

There are some some wonderful sights and attractions around Kharkiv, in Kharkivska oblast, that might interesting for those looking for an escape.

One of the most important and well-known sights outside the city is the “Glory Memorial”. It immortalizes Soviet people fighting the Nazism. It was here that the Nazis executed tens of thousands of Soviet war prisoners, partisans, members of underground resistance, and patriots who had not submitted to the enemy. Three memorial steles with lowered cast metal flags tell the story of the noble residents of Kharkiv’s contribution in the Soviet people’s battle.

These unsung martyrs displayed unprecedented courage and heroism in battles with the Nazis. 230 of our compatriots were given the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, tens of thousands have been awarded with orders and medals.

Inscription on one of the steles reminds about those, whom the present and subsequent generation owe their lives: 186,306 Soviet soldiers died in the battles of Kharkiv.

In addition, river outside the city makes a wonderful get-away spot in the summers, when the mercury rises. Scores of city-folk show up along the river banks in the various artificial beaches to relax and spend time with their families. One of the interesting places that I would like to make a mention of among the dozens along the river is the “Arizona beach club”. Essentially, it is a conglomeration of 3-4 swimming pools and a few refreshment-establishments. It has a reasonably prised entry fee (50 UAH) and offers plenty of bang for the buck. Adjacent to the Arizona, is the “Arcadia”, which is far more popular among the masses. However, the Arcadia is currently under renovation and is not accessible to visitors.

Kharkiv Champagne and Wine factory is a wonderful spot to check out, at about 13 km to the north of the city centre. It is a modest establishment but boasts of reds and whites of decent quality. Guided tours are given but one has to make their way to the place before 6.00 pm.

Nemo Dolphin-aquarium is another interesting spot. It enjoys a high rate of popularity among the residents of Kharkiv (children, youth and adults alike). Tickets are sold in multiple establishments in the city. However, the aquarium itself is located about 8 km from the city centre in the same general area as the wine factory.

Kharkiv dolphinarium works every day except Mondays. There are three performances a day: at 12 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm. Price is 70-80 UAH and duration is 50 minutes. On weekends at 9 pm there is a wonderful “Night Show”, which lasts 80 minutes and costs 120 UAH. Entrance for children up to 5 years is free (with birth-certificate). When buying tickets, make sure you choose a red or white sector to see the performance better. The first raw is preferable 🙂

Also you can take a picture with a dolphin (at the platform up to 5 people – 60 UAH; in water per person – 120 UAH);  swim with them (5 min – 500 UAH, 10 min – 800 UAH).

Other places around Kharkiv are mostly spots for fishing and barbecues along the river or in the multiple stretches of woods that one can find in multiple locations in and around Kharkiv.

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