Great places around Bakhchisaray

Even though the city has a lot to offer itself there are a lot of amazing interesting places around Bakhchisaray.

North of Bakhchisaray

Bakhchisaray Menghirs – Martian lake – Cave city Bakla  – lake Shirokiy Yar

The Menghirs, a four meter stone mounted by unknown tribes. Uniqueness of menhir lies in calibration to the sunrise at the spring equinox.

Beautiful Martian lake is the past time crater that stumbled on the spring waters.

Bakla is the ancient fortress dated 3 century A.D.

Lake Shirokiy Yar is a good place for picnic. There is cafe Markur open 24/7. You can get there by bus from Bakhchisaray to Skalistoye (every hour from 6:13 a.m. except Sat-Sun) or by car/.

To check out map see Bakhchisaray region page.

South of Bakhchisaray

Bashtanovka village and nearby Cachy Kalyon cave city is a popilar spot for rope jumpers..

Also you can cllimb another cave city of Tepe Kermen situated a few kilometer further along the road on your left. Tepe Kerment also can be reached from Chufut Kale in Bakhchisaray. Simply follow the path behind cave city-fortess walls and keep on your left.

Tepe-Kermen mountain (remains of cave city are on a top)


Lavender fields – Donkey farm – Cave city of Syuren – Tatar ethnographic village Kokluz

Lavender fields – nice natural place as well as perfect spot for the photo shooting.

Donkey farm is the “green” place. Here you can try donkey milk, ride these animals around the picturesque mountains till the Syuren fortress remains that where built in the 8th century as well as visit cave monastery Chelter-Coba.

First Ethnographic Crimean Tatar village was established in Kokluz village. Be amased by the hospitality of locals.

How to get? Take a bus from Bakhchisaray to Rodnoye village (every hour) till Mangup bus station. Get out in Zalesnoye stop for the donkey farm. Suyren fortress in this case is reachable by catching the bus to Kuybishevo village. Though it’s much easier by your own transport.

(at the foothill of Magnup-Kale mt.)


Kuybishevo (Куйбышево) village. Situated in the valley of Belbek river it is one of the best spots around Bakhchisaray to start hiking in cave cities and Great Crimean canyon, swimming and fishing in the Belbek river and simply enjoy Crimean nature.

You can easily get there from Bakhchisaray by bus or taxi or Yalta along Ay-Petri road (1,5 hours, 100 km) towards Bakhchysaray.

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