Accommodation in Kharkiv

Finding quality accommodation in Kharkiv can be quite a tricky deal for someone who isn’t well acquainted with the city. The city, due to it’s apparent lack of touristic appeal, does not abound in hotels and lodging establishments.

Nevertheless, Kharkiv has it’s own spectrum of accommodation options (however, the sheer number is not very impressive). One has options to stay in hostels, furnished apartments or luxury hotels. The concept of paying guest accommodation is also quite popular.



Firstly, I would like to elaborate more on the hostel options. “Hostel Pletenevsky” is a preferred and popular option among visitors. It is situated in a 19th century bulding in the historical Kuznechnaya street. This hostel gives a first-hand historical experience for those into Soviet/Ukrainian history. It is situated in the vicinity of many old buildings (which adds to the scenic value). The nearest metro station is “Historichnyi Muzei”. All basic amenities including Wi-fi are available.

Other hostel options that are favourites are hostel “Pushkin” situated on 7, Pushkinskaya and “International Old Kharkiv hostel” situated on 41, Poltavski shlyakh. One can browse through even more options on The rates vary from 10-20 EUR a night.

Also check out in order to find more hostels in Kharkiv.



For travellers who are looking to spend a little longer than just a couple of days (more than 15 days or so), apartments are an ideal choice as an accommodation in Kharkiv. There are a plethora of options as to the number of bedrooms, the facilities, location, renovation status and renting basis.

Some owners collect rent on a daily basis whereas some opt for a weekly/monthly basis. Mostly, these apartments come fully furnished, replete with washing machines and refrigerators. The rates are, to a large extent, dependant on the location and type of the apartment. However, the starting price can be expected to be around 200$ a month for a decent one-bedroom apartment close to the centre.



For connoisseurs, unfortunately, Kharkiv offers only two luxury-hotel options. Both of thee are situated adjacent to each other at about 200 metres from the Lenin statue in theFreedom square. “Hotel Kharkiv” is the older one and enjoys patronage from loyal and age-old regular customers. However, if recent reviews are to be believed, the quality of service and the genral standards have dipped.

The newly opened “Hotel Kharkiv Palace”, is the sudden subject of extremely good reviews and favourable patronage. It spares no expense in it’s luxury. It is replete with a Viennese cafe, restaurants, sky lounge, stores, gym, spa and even more. It has been gaining considerable attention from business visitors. However, the hotel is pricey and charges anything between 190-250 EUR per night.

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